From Corporate to Creative

From Corporate to Creative


We’re excited to help you go from Corporate employee to Creative entrepreneur and recommend these resources & solutions for success.



5 Powerful Strategies to Get What You REALLY Want Now

You know life is way too short & it’s time to do something you love. You also know that while you want to spend time doing what you love, you would also like to be paid well, so you can create success on your terms.

When you want to make the leap from Corporate and start your own business, there are so many things to consider. This is a confusing time, so start by figuring out what you REALLY want now so you can get it.

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The “From Corporate to Creative” Radio Show on

Join us as we share valuable information and tips on how to ease the transition from Corporate to Creative. Help is here for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to start, build and grow a creative business. Topics include communication,  finances, legal, marketing, sales, mindset, organization, planning, leadership, team-building, technology and more.

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The Weekly Spark Coaching Series

52 Sparks to Action. That’s what this weekly coaching series, delivered right to your inbox, is designed to be. Helping you take one inspired action per week to transform your hopes (like quitting your day job & starting your own business) & aspirations (like being a successful entrepreneur) into reality. There’s a Weekly Spark just for you, and it’s waiting for you here.


Articles & Blog Posts

View featured articles & posts for those exploring the “From Corporate to Creative” path. Plus check out other posts designed to help you thrive in your business. 


Breakout & Break Free! Program

This home study program is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Transitioning from a day job
  • Exploring options and business opportunities
  • In start-up mode, working part-time on your new business

and you prefer to work at your own pace. Click here to request more information on this program.


Strategy Session with Kelly

You hear about all different types of business marketing & sales strategies, technology and solutions … business and marketing plans, goal setting, target marketing, time management, systems, advertising, information products, blogging and social media. Where do you start? More importantly, how do you know what’s best for you and the business you want to create?

Forget about what everyone else is doing or all the things you’ve heard you’re supposed to do, too. Learn what’s right for you!

Inspired VIP  

Very Inspired Programs

Work privately with Kelly to start & build your business. Get the inspiration, guidance, systems and support you need to get up & running right away. Click here to view all VIP options.